That was VeggieWorld Brussels 2017

More than 60 stands, exhibiting their products, free from animals and ecologically produced. Hunger could be fired with dozens of vegan ice cream, kebabs, donuts, savory or sweet waffles, hummus, couscous, seaweed burgers and coconut chips. To lay the thirsts there were organic wines, ciders, fresh lemonades and healthy fruit drinks. Also non-consumable goods were offered: handbags, clothes, cosmetics and crockery. A person has already succumbed to choice stress. Whoever was just saturated or wanted to save his naked wallet was able to attend several lectures and cooking demos in the Veggie Stage. Among other things, author Tobias Leenaert, raw food boss Julie van den Kerchove, athlete Matt Frazier and Balls & Glory Guru Wim Ballieu made their awaiting.

Hanne and Vincent, twenty two, thought it was high time that VeggieWorld finally came to Belgium. “We have known the concept for a long time and are pleased that we can enjoy it in our own country.” They have been for a year for Vegan. That change continued after their participation in the VeganChallenge. “In the beginning, it was a bit of searching, but now it’s just a matter of course. We notice that there is more awareness around us and so there are more possibilities. “Between the relatively young audience, we also discovered Louisa, an excited 71-year-old lady. She was pushing to sign her cookbook by raw food chef Julie, of whom she has been a big fan for a long time. “I cook very often from her books and really enjoy her.” Louisa was pleased that the hall was filled with so many youngsters. “I am pleased to see that those who are part of the future will do their best to live so well. In all that time I really see a positive evolution, it can only improve. “

Those who had a taste of a cup of coffee with a piece of cake could sit in the EVA lounge. Bean Me Up’s Barista Kris literally stopped for a second. In the seats was a female three to enjoy their dessert: grandmother, mom and granddaughter of a few years old. Grandmother Anne-Marie: “My daughter Ellen is vegetarian and I do not eat meat or fish every day. I followed her to VeggieWorld because I find it a very good initiative. Many people often do not realize what horrific way they’ve gone through the pretty finished piece of meat they bought in the supermarket. We see animals as products and not as living creatures with feelings and thoughts. “She hopes that the images of slaughterhouses that have been leaked lately will encourage many to think deeper about the origin of their products.

Throughout the weekend, it was cozy in hall 4, at times it was even over the heads. There was a lot of scrambling between the trials and the people went into dialogue with each other and the standers. Many returned home with a well-stocked bag. Also the Dutch singer Josje Huismanpronkte with her purchases: “I bought deo’s, chocolate and a nice shirt. In due course, I have to go for a friend of cheesecake for my friend. “She was already enthusiastic about the cooking demo of chef Julie who prepared vegetable sushi rolls. Later on, it was the turn of EVA founder and author Tobias Leenaert with his lecture ‘How to create a vegan world’. During the questionnaire afterwards, a woman stabbed her hand in the air: “I’m a meat-setter myself, but I love the way you approach the people. It is not warned with pointers or with the finger, but the message is positively pronounced. You do not tell why it’s bad to eat meat, but why it’s good to reduce your meat consumption. “

Thanks to all visitors and interested people, VeggieWorld has been put on the map in our country and it can only be bigger and more impressive next year. Vegans felt optimally in their comfort zone and some omnivores returned home with the idea that that vegetable food might occasionally give a chance: unknown is no longer unmistakable. We all walk together on the path to change.

VeggieWorld in numbers

  • 4866 people visited VeggieWorld
  • 6 cooking demos were given
  • 4 lectures were held
  • There were 69 standers
  • 50 EVA volunteers helped
  • 52 people joined EVA
  • 600 people signed up for Easy Vegan

VeggieWorld in the press

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