VeggieWorld Copenhagen
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Location: Oksnehallen

A warm welcome to VeggieWorld Copenhagen!

VeggieWorld. The trade fair for a vegan lifestyle.

Hey you!! We are VeggieWorld. We are trade fair organisers who enjoy a vegan lifestyle. Because everything we consume has an impact – on our bodies, on animals, on other people, and on the environment – we have come up with a trade fair and a platform that inspires people to follow a plant-based lifestyle. Therefore, VeggieWorld is about gaining something, and not about renouncing anything. It’s not about dogmatism, but about variety. It’s not about moral sermons, but about enjoying new possibilities. Here, you’ll get to know products that can’t be found in the supermarket, and you’ll discover vegan enjoyment. Further strengthened with tips and tricks by movers and shakers, producers, chefs and well-known people from the scene. You will also find plant-based clothing and cosmetics that make no compromises when it comes to form, colour and style. You’ll meet market entrants, people who have opted out, lateral thinkers, people who do things differently, and people who make things happen. You’ll meet people who live completely vegan and people who would like to see what a vegan diet is like and who would like to get to know this approach, step-by-step. Butchers in the 5th generation are also welcome to visit us. Because we would like to reach as many people as possible. Not only in Germany. But everywhere. We are open for something new. You, too?

One day after World Vegan Day, VeggieWorld will take place for the first time in the Danish capital Copenhagen from November 2 – 3, 2019. Together with the Vegetarian Society of Denmark as our close cooperation partner we are already looking forward to the first VeggieWorld in Scandinavia. Denmark is experiencing a real boom in the vegan way of life these days. Vegan producers, traders and restaurants are shooting up like mushrooms and so far there has been no vegan fair. We will change this now!

Øksnehallen is an exhibition space located on Halmtorvet in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen. The building is a part of the Brown Meat District. The Brown Meat District is located close to Central Station, and dating from 1883. It has since 2000 been changed into a new creative cluster with galleries, art cafés, nightlife and small creative businesses like studios and architecture firms in the historical buildings. It is also home to DGI-byen, a sports, swimming and conference complex, and the exhibition hall Øksnehallen, originally a stabling place for 1,600 cattle before slaughtering.

Opening hours

Saturday 02/11/2019 | 10.00 – 18.00
Sunday 03/11/2019 | 10.00 – 18.00

Admisson fees

Online pre-purchase:
DKK 83.00 incl. VAT.

Box office:
DKK 97.00 incl. VAT. | Adults
DKK 83.00 incl. VAT. | Pupils, students, disabled persons, senior persons citizens & DVF members 
Children aged 14 or under are admitted free of charge when accompanied by an adult.


Please follow THIS LINK to order tickets online. Tickets can also be purchased from the box office.

What to expect?

Veggie-Stage Programme

Saturday, 11/02/2019
[11:15] Fremtidens supermarked
Jørgen Rudbeck (FødevareWatch)
Katrine Milman (Aldi)
Anette Christensen (Irma)
[12:00] Hvad er NGO’ers og aktivisters rolle, nu hvor erhvervslivet er med?
Kristian Sloth (Greenpeace)
Eva Beyer Paulsen (Den Grønne Studenterbevægelse)
Rune-Christoffer Dragsdahl (Dansk Vegetarisk Forening)
[13:00] Hvor blev økologien af?
Trine Krebs (Frugtformidlingen)
Per Kølster (Økologisk Landsforening)
[14:15] Prisoverrækkelse
Rune-Christoffer Dragsdahl (Dansk Vegetarisk Forening)
Mie Nordly (Dansk Vegetarisk Forening)
[15:15] Homemade Vegan Camembert with Cashewbert (ENG)
Santos Anderson
[16:30] Optimering af en plantebaseret kost
Dr. Tobias Schmidt Hansen
Sunday, 11/03/2019
[11:00] Power Performance with Baboumian & Bilton (ENG)
Patrik Baboumian
Casper Bilton
[12:00] Årets Grønne Iværksætter med Lars Aarup
Louise Ertman
Henrik Lund
Lars Arne Christensen
Emil Andersen (Planteslagterne)
Mariann Juhl Skott (Vegan Victoria)
Michael Haase (Plant Jammer)
Lars Aarup (Coop Analyse)
[13:00] Almond ricotta cheese workshop with MadenItaly (ENG)
Eva de Masi
Simona Stefanovicova
[14:15] Politisk debat: Hvad kan politikerne gøre for at fremme plantebaserede fødevarer?
Carl Valentin (SF)
Mette Hjermind Dencker (DF)
Rasmus Nordqvist (Å)
Ulrich Kern-Hansen (Organic Plant Protein)
[15:30] Et sundt liv med plantebaseret kost
Stig Ladefoged
[16:30] Can Artificial Intelligence teach us how to cook plantbased? with Plantjammer (ENG)
Michael Haase (Plant Jammer)

Exhibitors List

Name Contact Stall
100% ØKO D15
Allergikost AS D7
Banana Cph Aps F17
Biogan A/S B6
Byhansens S6
Chøkolade http://www.chø F15
Plantetinget E12
Danmarks Veganske Forening B1
Dansk Vegetarisk Forening F4
Dansk Vegetarisk Forening
De Grønne Stier F2
Donnerberg D1
Dyrenes Alliance C6
Edgy Foods ApS A0
Forlaget Turbine B11
Glean IVS S8
Greenday Nordic S12
Hak og Snit S7
Hamonoya S14
Hanegal A/S C4
InDuan S9
InnovAsian Trading ApS E14
JV. Andersen design Denmark ApS S3
Cashewbert S1
Lazy Vegan A16
Makam Naturkost F9
Møllerup Brands A/S E8
Natural Living S4
Naturli’s Foods A/S C1
Nestlé Danmark A/S B7
NicecreamCPH S11
Nordicchufa ApS D11
ORGANIC Beauty Supply ApS E6
OrganiCup Aps B4
Orkla Care A/S B2
Planteslagterne S10
Pow – The Vegan Pizzeria www. F1
purvegan GmbH A6
Ringana S5
Sea Shepherd Scandinavia D17
Share Marketing-Trading-Logistik GmbH C2
Simon Holst C12
Sproud E10
Taifun Tofu B5
The Organic Energy Project S13
TOFU Manufaktur Christian Nagel GmbH A6
True. S2
Valsemøllen A/S A2
veg-ruf F7
Veganz A10
VITAM Hefe-Produkt GmbH B3
Yosa//MKTG Danmark C10

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