VeggieWorld Hamburg
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Lieu : MesseHalle Hamburg Schnelsen

A warm welcome to VeggieWorld in Hamburg!

VeggieWorld. The trade fair for a vegan lifestyle.

Hey you!! We are VeggieWorld. We are trade fair organisers who enjoy a vegan lifestyle. Because everything we consume has an impact – on our bodies, on animals, on other people, and on the environment – we have come up with a trade fair and a platform that inspires people to follow a plant-based lifestyle. Therefore, VeggieWorld is about gaining something, and not about renouncing anything. It’s not about dogmatism, but about variety. It’s not about moral sermons, but about enjoying new possibilities. Here, you’ll get to know products that can’t be found in the supermarket, and you’ll discover vegan enjoyment. Further strengthened with tips and tricks by movers and shakers, producers, chefs and well-known people from the scene. You will also find plant-based clothing and cosmetics that make no compromises when it comes to form, colour and style. You’ll meet market entrants, people who have opted out, lateral thinkers, people who do things differently, and people who make things happen. You’ll meet people who live completely vegan and people who would like to see what a vegan diet is like and who would like to get to know this approach, step-by-step. Butchers in the 5th generation are also welcome to visit us. Because we would like to reach as many people as possible. Not only in Germany. But everywhere. We are open for something new. You, too?

Opening times

Saturday |12/09/2020 | 10.00 – 18.00
Sunday |13/09/2020 | 10.00 – 18.00

Admission fees

Online pre-purchase:
EUR 11.00 incl. VAT.

Box office:
EUR 13.00 incl. VAT. | Adults 
EUR 11.00 incl. VAT. | Pupils, students, disabled persons, senior persons citizens & ProVeg members
Children aged 14 or under are admitted free of charge when accompanied by an adult.


Please follow THIS LINK to order tickets online. Tickets can also be purchased from the box office.

What to expect?


Saturday, 03/16/19
[09:00] Seminar | Effektiv für die vegane Bewegung – ProVeg Aktivenseminar
Sonja Eckrot
Veggie Stage
Raw Gourmet Show | Raw Miso Ramen mit Boris Lauser präsentiert von Keimling Naturkost
Dipl.-Ing. Boris Lauser
Keimling Naturkost
Die Mitmachküche powered by Reformhaus®
Team Reformhaus
Veggie Stage
Stefanie Rückert
Veggie Stage
Das Tierrechtsaktivistenbündnis stellt sich vor
Caroline von Schwerin
Inga Laube
Andreas Setzer
Markus Böhning
Veggie Stage
Beautiful Commitment
Caroline von Schwerin
Stephanie Klann
Veggie Stage
Kochshow | Konsistenz & Gewürz – Die wichtigsten Tools für gute Gemüsegerichte präsentiert von slowly veggie!
Slowly Veggie!
Björn Moschinski
Die Mitmachküche powered by Reformhaus®
Team Reformhaus
Veggie Stage
Reformhaus® & Niko Rittenau: Vegane Ernährung im Laufe des Lebenszyklus – optimal versorgt in jedem Alter
Niko Rittenau
Veggie Stage
5 x Ironman in 5 Tagen, 3.141 km zu Fuß, 1.000 Tage laufen am Stück – die unglaublichen Leistungen veganer Hobbysportler, und was wir von ihnen lernen können.
Daniel Roth und Katrin Schäfer
Die Mitmachküche powered by Reformhaus®
Team Reformhaus
Veggie Stage
Ernährung als Multiproblemlöser: Wie wir auf unseren Tellern die Welt verändern
Chris Popa
Veggie Stage
Everyday Heroes – Wie wir alle jeden Tag die Welt retten können!
Lars Walther
Sunday, 03/17/19
[10:30] Seminar | Wie erstelle ich einen rein pflanzlichen Speiseplan?
Niko Rittenau
Die Mitmachküche powered by Reformhaus®
Team Reformhaus
Veggie Stage
VeggieWorld Podcast Live | Veganer Wein | Interview mit Gerald Fürnkranz
Lars Walther
Gerald Fürnkranz
Veggie Stage
Jetzt geht’s um die Veggie-Wurst: Ist das Wurst oder muss das anders heißen?
Katrin Ludwig
Veggie Stage
Backshow | Oster Klassiker: Variation vom Karottenkuchen
Jan Ketel
Die Mitmachküche powered by Reformhaus®
Team Reformhaus
Veggie Stage
Wissenschaftliche Antworten auf kritische Fragen zu veganer Ernährung
Niko Rittenau
Die Mitmachküche powered by Reformhaus®
Team Reformhaus
Veggie Stage
Optimal versorgt – Omega 3 in der veganen Ernährung
Carmen Hercegfi
Veggie Stage
Stay healthy on a plant-based diet – Learn about the key nutrients to watch and how to avoid deficiencies [ENG]
Saskia Wurm

Exhibitor list

Nom Contact Stand
Urban Foodie GmbH F2
Allos Hof-Manufaktur GmbH A5
Anja Freese A14
AVE Absolute Vegan Empire GmbH & Co. KG B19
Ambiletics GmbH S12
Aroma Olymp S19
Bio Nutrition Pharma Int. GmbH C15
BlattKultur GmbH C10
BKK ProVita B15
Ben & Jerry’s D25
Brunozimmer e.K. A4.1
Bag Affair S3
basewood B14
Bayne Ice Cream GmbH S7
Balu Bowls S8
Beerenweine Riese GmbH & Co. KG C4
Blattwerk-Store UG
Bozene Design D0
Cellagon Berastung Stefanie & Christian Peest C1
Carmen Hercegfi | Vegane Familien & NORSAN S16
Cork Gallery A9
Chay Eatery D27
ChillChoc – Dein Stück Erde UG S9
cerascreen GmbH B15
Dr. Goerg GmbH A3
Der Dattelmann A19
Ecopia UG S4
Essendorfer Genussschmelzerei GmbH B8
erdbeerwoche GmbH
Fauser Vitaquellwerk KG B7
Foodsharing Hamburg D17
Foodist GmbH B16
Fasten-Wander-Verein e.V.
Greenpeace Energy eG C12
GUYA – Guayusa GmbH B12
Guzinos Gemüsesnacks B5
HD Fashion Jewellery S2
hanfwerk Feinkostmanufaktur S10
Happy Cheeze GmbH A21
jolu Naturkosmetik B6
Api Jamu GmbH A16
Keimling Naturkost GmbH A15
Katrins Küche S15
Kohyo Holland B.V. D31
LichtBlick SE B10
Lubs GmbH D13
F.W. Langguth Erben GmbH & Co. KG C11
Lifefood Czech Republic s.r.o. C7
Lernoase C0
Laia`s Proteinhanf S5
LeHA GmbH A10
Makam Naturkost D21
MyCupOfTea GmbH D35
Mayway S3
MunichSpring GmbH A2
Makri GmbH B1
Merula GmbH D4
Neumarkter Lammsbräu KG B9
Neora S26
oyá GbR S25
ProVeg Deutschland e.V. A6
PureRaw – Knufmann GmbH B2
Prolupin GmbH A4
purvegan GmbH D11
RawFood Award B4
Reformhaus eG C2
Ringana D9
Reformhaus eG F1
Reformhaus eG B20
Roots Naturprodukte D2
raccoon foods GmbH S17
Oliver Kruse Jennifer Färber GbR S13
SOBO Naturkost A1
Sea Shepherd Deutschland gGmbH D6
Startkraft GmbH C13
SELLFood GmbH D23
Shiatsu zum Leben C6
slowly veggie! C23
Seifenmanufaktur St. Annen D1
Saatzucht Bardowick GmbH ( S21
Muumyaan S11
SanOmega GmbH S16
Share Marketing-Trading-Logistik GmbH C5
Taiga Naturkost B17
TOFU Manufaktur Christian Nagel GmbH D3
The Go Foods Company GmbH A13
the nu company C8
Umòja S3
Vegablum C17
VeganOst F4
Vitasprosse GmbH C13
veg-ruf F3
VITAM Hefe-Produkt GmbH A17
V-Partei³ A12
Weingut Gerald Fürnkranz C3
Who’s Jack GmbH S29
Wela-Trognitz Fritz Busch GmbH & Co.KG D7
Yogi Tea GmbH A7
Zora’s Kitchen S23
ZoiY Vegane Naturkosmetik A8

Location & Transportation


MesseHalle Hamburg-Schnelsen
Modering 1A
22457 Hamburg

Arriving by public transport

Catch the U 2 underground service from the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) to Niendorf Nord, then catch bus no. 21 to « Mode Centrum »
Catch the bus from the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) ZOB, then catch bus no. 5 towards Burgwedel and get off at « Oldesloer Straße »
Catch the bus to Altona train station, then catch bus no. 183 and get off at « Oldesloer Straße »
Catch the bus from S-Pinneberg and U-Garstedt, then catch bus no. 195 and get off at « Oldesloer Straße »


The exhibition centre has 1,600 parking spaces available to you free of charge. Please note there are barriers at the entrance to the parking spaces. You will be given a free-of-charge parking ticket at the barriers which you will then hand back when leaving.