VeggieWorld Lisbon
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Posto: Pátio da Galé

A warm welcome to VeggieWorld Lisbon!

VeggieWorld. The trade fair for a vegan lifestyle.

Hey you!! We are VeggieWorld. We are trade fair organisers who enjoy a vegan lifestyle. Because everything we consume has an impact – on our bodies, on animals, on other people, and on the environment – we have come up with a trade fair and a platform that inspires people to follow a plant-based lifestyle. Therefore, VeggieWorld is about gaining something, and not about renouncing anything. It’s not about dogmatism, but about variety. It’s not about moral sermons, but about enjoying new possibilities. Here, you’ll get to know products that can’t be found in the supermarket, and you’ll discover vegan enjoyment. Further strengthened with tips and tricks by movers and shakers, producers, chefs and well-known people from the scene. You will also find plant-based clothing and cosmetics that make no compromises when it comes to form, colour and style. You’ll meet market entrants, people who have opted out, lateral thinkers, people who do things differently, and people who make things happen. You’ll meet people who live completely vegan and people who would like to see what a vegan diet is like and who would like to get to know this approach, step-by-step. Butchers in the 5th generation are also welcome to visit us. Because we would like to reach as many people as possible. Not only in Germany. But everywhere. We are open for something new. You, too?

In November 2018 the second VeggieWorld Lisbon will open its doors. Portugal and Lisbon sees a huge rise of vegan lifestyle these days. More and more restaurants, shops and cafes open their doors and let Lisbon become a Veggie-City step by step. Based on that the first VeggieWorld Lisbon in April 2018 was a great success. With 60 exhibitors and more than 3.500 visitors, Pátio de Galé was crowded the whole weekend. Both, visitors and exhibitors gave great feedback. The Pátio de Galé is one of the most beautiful and most famous locations in the heart of Lisbon, located on the banks of Tejo at Praça do Comércio.


Opening Hours

Saturday, 17.11.2018 | 12 – 20 h
Sunday, 18.11.2018 | 10 – 18 h

Entry Fee

6,00 EUR inkl.VAT

Box Office:
8,00 EUR inkl. VAT for adults.
6,00 EUR inkl. VAT for pupils, students, disabled, seniors

Children up to the age of 14 are free.


Please follow THIS LINK to order tickets online. Tickets can also be purchased from the box office.

What to expect?


Exhibitor list

Name Contact Stall
AcqualiveGroup A2
AdivinhaFormula Lda C11
Aliança Animal C12
Anthouse, Lda A19
Aromas do Valado A15
Aromáticas Vivas, Lda B11
Boca do Bosque Unipessoal Lda C19
Brandcare Est 2014, SA B5
chocolates artesanos alicante A1
COAL street food D23
bvegan B17
CP – Comboios de Portugal E.P.E. B19
Daflori B6
Dietimport SA
Eco Roots – Associação para a Divulgação do Veganismo A13
Eko Vivendi B29
Enchidos Agramonte A11
EverVegan B8
Fragogel Lda D13
Identidade Orgânica, Lda D27
José Barão Lda C2
Juniper Green Organic Gin D25
La Kombucheria – Bio JACKFRUIT A17
Marta Saavedra Gonzalez (RINGANA) C0
MUNDO 100% VEGAN www.100% natural- 100% unico D21
NoWHEY Mylk C8
OKplants A6
Organicburguer D31
Organimport D5
Pastelaria Zarzuela, Lda C14
Quarteto de Ideias D0
Quinta da Herdeira A4
Restaurante Sabores Naturais B1
The Save Movement B15
Too Foodies Lda D11
Veggie Lovers Truck C17
Wildbran, Lda D25
Ymagine B7

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