VeggieWorld Düsseldorf
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Locatie: Areal Böhler

A warm welcome to VeggieWorld Düsseldorf!

VeggieWorld. The trade fair for a vegan lifestyle.

Hey you!! We are VeggieWorld. We are trade fair organisers who enjoy a vegan lifestyle. Because everything we consume has an impact – on our bodies, on animals, on other people, and on the environment – we have come up with a trade fair and a platform that inspires people to follow a plant-based lifestyle. Therefore, VeggieWorld is about gaining something, and not about renouncing anything. It’s not about dogmatism, but about variety. It’s not about moral sermons, but about enjoying new possibilities. Here, you’ll get to know products that can’t be found in the supermarket, and you’ll discover vegan enjoyment. Further strengthened with tips and tricks by movers and shakers, producers, chefs and well-known people from the scene. You will also find plant-based clothing and cosmetics that make no compromises when it comes to form, colour and style. You’ll meet market entrants, people who have opted out, lateral thinkers, people who do things differently, and people who make things happen. You’ll meet people who live completely vegan and people who would like to see what a vegan diet is like and who would like to get to know this approach, step-by-step. Butchers in the 5th generation are also welcome to visit us. Because we would like to reach as many people as possible. Not only in Germany. But everywhere. We are open for something new. You, too?

VeggieWorld Düsseldorf is due to take place for the 8th time in 2019! Indeed, the more than 11,000 visitors who came last year can’t have been wrong. 15 experts and chefs cooked and gave lectures on the VeggieWorld stage over the course of the 2 days – much to the delight of interested trade visitors. VeggieWorld Düsseldorf is not just a highlight for visitors; indeed, the feedback from exhibitors is positive in every respect – both the quantity as well as the quality of visitors ensured good levels of business and stimulating conversations on both sides. 2018, VeggieWorld Düsseldorf will focus on only two days again, which has been demanded by the majority of past exhibitors.

Opening times

Saturday 26/10/2019 | 10.00 – 18.00
Sunday 27/10/2019 | 10.00 – 18.00

Admisson fees

Online pre-purchase
EUR 11.00 incl. VAT.

Box office
EUR 13.00 incl. VAT. | Adults
EUR 11.00 incl. VAT. | Pupils, students, disabled persons, senior persons citizens & ProVeg members
Children aged 14 or under are admitted free of charge when accompanied by an adult.


Please follow THIS LINK to order tickets online. Tickets can also be purchased from the box office.

What to expect?


zaterdag, 26-10-19
Moderation VeggieStage
Katharina Knoll
Animals‘ Angels – wir sind bei den Tieren
Sven Strobel
Sabine Fischer
Beautiful Commitment – Bewege etwas!
Stephanie Klann
Caroline von Schwerin
Ernährung als Multiproblemlöser: Wie wir auf unseren Tellern die Welt verändern
Chris Popa
Live Cooking | Eat more plants! | BOSH! [EN]
Henry Firth
Ian Theasby
Reformhaus® & Niko Rittenau: Vegane Ernährung im Laufe des Lebenszyklus – optimal versorgt in jedem Alter
Niko Rittenau
Pralinenshow | Vegane Pralinen selbst kreieren. Einführung in die Konfektkunst | Das Bernsteinzimmer
Solvejg Klein
Everyday Heroes – Wie wir alle jeden Tag die Welt retten können!
Lars Walther
zondag, 27-10-19
Moderation VeggieStage
Katharina Knoll
VeggieWorld Podcast Live | Interview mit Surdham Göb
Lars Walther
Surdham Göb
ALGEN! Die Helden unter den Lebensmitteln! Powerfood mit Me(e)hrwert. Warum Algen zurecht als das Nahrungsmittel der Zukunft gelten und schon heute eine wichtige Rolle spielen!
Kirstin Knufmann
Tierleidfreie Styles präsentiert von ProVeg | Vegane Modenschau
Kochshow | Surdhams Kitchen
Surdham Göb
Wissenschaftliche Antworten auf kritische Fragen zu veganer Ernährung
Niko Rittenau
Tierleidfreie Styles präsentiert von ProVeg | Vegane Modenschau
Der Graslutscher | Wie man mit Fleischessern diskutiert, ohne komplett den Verstand zu verlieren
Jan Hegenberg
Restart – Wie vegane Ernährung Leben verändert
Thomas Rohlfing
Lars Walther


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Algen La Patrona S6
Ambiletics GmbH S1
Animals’ Angels e.V. C8
JACKY F. – Api Jamu GmbH A21
Aquion B2
Arooga UG S22
AVE Absolute Vegan Empire GmbH & Co. KG A18
Barreiro & Soares, Lda. E4.1
Bio Nutrition Pharma Int. GmbH C12
Beerenweine Riese GmbH & Co.KG E5
Berief Food B10
Bianco di puro GmbH & Co. KG C6
Biosyntec F2
BKK ProVita B12
smnut | smartest nutrition S21
Brunozimmer e.K. E10
Carlos Liqueur Manufaktur Aachen GmbH S2
Carry Bottles S18
Caviar Palace E5.1
cerascreen GmbH B12
Champagne Legret & Fils F7
Chocolate-in-a-Bottle S11
D’Angelo Pasta GmbH C13
Das Bernsteinzimmer Raum für Genuss D15
ChillChoc C4
Dr. Goerg GmbH A9
Dutch Vegan Bakery A14
ECO Tanka H.P. Marketing C10
ecoduna AG B11
ever&again S24
Franz Wilhlem Langguth Erben GmbH & Co. KG C15
Fasten-Wander-Verein e.V.
Fauser Vitaquellwerk KG A13
Foodsharing E13
Veggiewerk V8
Guzinos C1
Govinda Natur GmbH C18
doTERRA Wellness Advocate – Liz Szilagyi / GreenOmlet S14
Greenpeace Energy eG A17
Greenpeace Media GmbH B3
Grow-Grow Nut S17
Happy Cheeze GmbH B14
Palmyra Delights – Dattelmann B21
Heimgart F6
HanfHaus / Hempro International GmbH & Co. KG;; A11
Instant Fresh GmbH S8
Jaroslaw Kuflikowski A10
Jentschura International GmbH B4
JM Nature GmbH E19
jolu Naturkosmetik D3
jomu A19
Keimling Naturkost GmbH B1
Kohyo Holland B.V. E23
Koko Dairy Free D4
Kotobuki V11
Kraftling GmbH E27
Kraftmischer GmbH B15
Laia’s Proteinhanf GmbH S20
Le Rouge Français
LichtBlick SE E9
lipfein S13
Tomoor A7
MAGNETHIK Pavillon France
Makam Naturkost E1
Makri GmbH E17.1
MAKÜ Vegane Spezialitäten F3
Maraña Yerba Mate S23
Australian Made Kitchen Gadgets E17
Merula GmbH C2
Miassequoia GmbH D6
Mindful PS&C A15
Plant Ahead S15
MunichSpring GmbH C9
MyCupOfTea GmbH B13
Happea E6
RINGANA – absolute Frische bei Kosmetik & Supplements B5
Neumarkter Lammsbräu KG D9
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PureRaw – Knufmann GmbH A6
Organic Friends & Sports D11
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RawFood Award A4
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Roots Naturprodukte E4
Sahaja Yoga Meditation D5
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Seifenmanufaktur St. Annen C3
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Sharp Sharp BV Rotterdam V13
SOBO Naturkost D10
Sonnentor Kräuterhandels GmbH E8
Soyka s.r.o. E2
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Superfran’s Feinkost-Manufaktur B1
Taiga Naturkost D12
Taube Nüsse UG (haftungsbeschränkt) http://www.taubenü S16
The Go Foods Company GmbH A25
the nu company GmbH A8
The Vexican V5
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mellow NOIR S4
Urwaldkaffee GmbH E3
V-Partei³ C16
veg-ruf V9
Vegablum A16
Vegan Travel UG
Vekontor – Wilmersburger – Clarana – Gut Wudelstein A1
Ventil Verlag – Edition Kochen ohne Knochen E31
VITAM Hefe-Produkt GmbH C5
Planet Nature D8
Voelkel GmbH F1
Weingut Gerald Fürnkranz E33
Wela-Trognitz Fritz Busch GmbH & Co.KG A23
Yverovel GmbH B9
Zonama Food GmbH S12


Areal Böhler 
Hansaallee 321 
40549 Düsseldorf

Arriving here by pulic tranport

Catch the U70, U74 or U76 underground service directly from the city centre to the Düsseldorf-Lörick stop. The stop is located directly opposite the entrance to the AREAL BÖHLER grounds.


Exhibitors as well as visitors can park directly next to the hall for € 5.00 per day.

No animals allowed

As a general rule, dogs and other animals may not be carried in the exhibition halls.